Swing Dancing club night events from Mouthful O' Jam: Lindy Hop & Jive dance events dancing to original 1920s 30s and 40s swing recordings played on vintage equipment.
Swing dance events from 'Mouthful O' Jam': Vintage jive dancing party organizers

Wild, art deco style swing dance events: Early dance jazz DJs, original 78 rpm recordings
of the 1920s 30s 40s on vintage equipment. Bottom dollar entry. Million dollar atmosphere.

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    The time period from the early part of the last century is what we crave. For one night every month we intend to give you exactly that: the most unusual time-honoured music event in London in a beautiful period venue. We are not just playing at 78 revolutions per minute, we are living it!

    Our mission is to promote music of the 1920s through to the 1940s by holding events with an art deco feel and original 78 rpm recordings played on vintage equipment - not a CD or laptop in sight. Revelers dress up in the spirit of things with suitably period atire, and many a vintage hairstyle is glamorously on display. We are celebrating the era of swing the way it ought to be celebrated - in mono, full of depth and rounded tone and that atmospheric crackle and hiss. We are paying homage to the raving party music from a choice era and rollicking to the records on which the music was originally issued!

    Swinging at the SalisburyEvents are regulalrly held at The Salisbury Public House and Hotel on Green Lanes, North London. This huge, late Victorian grade II listed building was beautifully and authentically restored in 2003 and now evokes the prestigious character that it enjoyed at the turn of the former century, from the stained glass skylights and the original carved wood bar and mosaic floor, to the cozy alcoves where patrons can sit and sip a drink or two whilst soaking up the atmosphere of a twenties speakeasy. Used as a location for Richard Attenborough's Charlie Chaplin biopic, the public house has received many commendations not just for its impressively authentic restoration, but also for its high standard of gastro fare, selection of European ales, and friendly service.

    We invite all attendees to wear their most glamorous jazz-age glad-rags or most dignified period duds, but it's not a requirement. Whether you simply want to immerse yourself in a night of unabashed glamour, or be mesmerised by the wonderfully impressive swing dancing, there is something for every-one. Why not come early for scrumptious meals at this comfortably plush gastro-pub or the nearby restaurants? There really is no other club-night like it in London.

    Meet the team:

    Paul Gelledge - Swing ManiacPaul Golledge

    Paul lives and breathes his music and has been collecting and playing 78s on the London scene for over 25 years. He boasts an impressive collection of rare '20s, '30s early Jazz, Swing, Rhythm and Blues.

    "My passion is Jazz and Swing recordings from the mid '20s to the early '30s . I love how the music is arranged and the way the players instinctively know when to come in, especially on earlier New Orleans recordings, where the playing is looser, but at the same time incongruously tighter. The period from the late '20s through to mid '30s to me are the absolute pinnacle, with magical solos from the best players that have ever been. Today we really don't appreciate how good they really were and have nobody that can compare to the likes of King Oliver, Duke Ellington, Thomas Morris, Clarence Williams and many other long forgotten names that not only made Jazz, but shaped it and sent it on it's long journey, influencing every other music style that came after it"

    "I first fell in love with Jazz as a child and it brings back great childhood memories of my grandparents dancing around their living room, to British dance bands on their HMV radio. So I guess it's no coincidence today that I have amassed a collection of 78s from that time and now dance around my living room with my other half, and yes I also have a few HMV radios that I have restored. Paul's favours Balboa, original Jive and LA Swing, but also teaches Blues and Lindy.

    This early influence spreads right across Paul's life, in the clothes he wears, the house he lives in and even the car he drives. Paul imported a hot-rod over from the US. "I had been after a 1935 American Ford pick-up truck, which was found by a friend, whilst driving through the Arizona desert. "Suffice to say I had it shipped over here and rebuilt it from scratch and now drive it around making a huge lot of noise, which is great fun".

    Paul has been running Mouthful o' Jam for over seven years. "As DJ's we got fed up with being constrained by what we should play, what style, for how long etc… and so I decided to set up my own club, with my best friend and fellow dance enthusiast Gaia Hannan. Originally we were only going to run three nights a year, but on our first opening night, we had over 200 guests. It was such a success, that they insisted we put it on the next month and so we couldn't let our members down and here we are 3 years later, still drawing the best of the dancers on the scene, as well as a wonderful amount of new dancers, young and old to the club. Our youngest member is 19 and oldest, 83. We get people coming to the club from all over the UK. Apparently in the US, our club is considered to be an underground gem on the London swing scene.

    "We now have over 700 members, who dress to impress. They always look the part and that makes for a great, glam evening. It's fun and frantic, but people don't get raging drunk or fight. The emphasis of our night is on having a good time and not how well you can dance. We believe that everyone can dance and want everyone to go away with a smile after a fabulous night out with good people. We love what we do and our passion and that of our resident Dj's, Tim Hellzapoppin and Kid Krupa is felt every time we run a night. It's electric. "I spent a lot of time getting together the right mix of equipment, so that the 78s would sound as they did and should. Alleviating the snap, crackle and pop, that is usually heard with 78s". Paul put all this together in his own custom-designed Art Deco speakers.

    Emma GunnEmma Newton-Gunn

    Helping coordinate and organize all this is DJ Creole Gal - aka Emma Newton-Gunn. Often found at the entrance to the gig ensuring guests feel welcome, Emma is the 'people person' for Mouthful O' Jam. Organizing these events requires liaising with many different parties, including the management of the premises, the guest DJs, and even the media and the press. Emma's engraciating social skills ensures that everyone is on board and (if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor) in the loop.

    Emma is fairly new to the swing scene, although music has been in her blood from a young age. "I was brought up with jazz being played all the time in the house, as my father was a jazz pianist and founder member of Ronnie Scott's and played jazz piano every night. I first started jamming along with him on my recorder from the age of 6. Then progressed onto the piano, as we had two at opposite ends of the room and finally onto an Alto sax. We still play music (and dance to it) all the time in my house, either on the hi-fi or on the various instruments I have collected from all over the world. (I have three accordeons, but can't play any of them!). It was really only a question of time before I brought my passion for music to the decks".

    "The biggest buzz of being part of the Mouthful crew, is that all our DJs and teachers are equally passionate about what they do. It is quite hard to get on the decks sometimes, as there is usually a guest DJ or two at every Mouthful O' Jam event, on top of our 3 resident DJs Kid Krupa, Swing Maniac and Tim Hellzapoppin, feeding of their mutual frenzy for the music and the latest shellac gem they have discovered".

    "This passion is infections and has infused the dance floor and our regulars, fuelling their own desire to dance their socks off and ultimately stretching their talent and experimentation with their moves. For me the dancing is just an extension of the music, as when the shellac spins you just can't sit still. It's a fantastic spectacle to watch".

    By day Emma is a Film and TV producer and is currently developing a Jazz History series.

    Gaia FacchiniGaia Hannan

    Gaia was born and raised in Portland Oregon, on the stunning west coast of the United States of America. A graduate of Central St Martin's, she has worked on many theatrical productions doing costumes and sets. She now owns and runs a company with her business partner Mahani called Studio Soüfflé. Designing and making unique bespoke inflatables, which adorn various venues across London and other worldwide locations. Often working with Selfridges atrium spaces in Oxford Street and Birmingham; see: StudioSouffle.com

    By night her other talents can be seen on London’s top dance floors. Gaia has been dancing Lindy Hop, Charleston, Swing, Blues and Balboa since the age of 15 and has had the privilege of teaching swing dancing in many cities around the world including Rome and Dubai. "I started teaching privately in America in 1999 focussing on Lindy Hop, Charleston and Blues. Currently beginners and intermediates can attend workshops in North London, where they are taken through the basics of East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa and/or Charleston steps."

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